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Kirli Sepeti Episode 22 with English subtitles

Kirli Sepeti Episode 22

Kirli Sepeti Episode 22

look, I swear I won't let you take a step from here to there. the way I took care of my daughter, i took care of this city. i took care of the city like that. it came out. and it took more care of you. what did you do to me when you said I'd hit you, cut you, cut you? Kirli Sepeti Episode 22 English subtitles what are you talking about? your tongue too long, okay, calm down. i kept quiet. I've always been the medina you wanted. you took me out of your sight in two minutes with someone else's words.

Kirli Sepeti [Dirty Laundry] Episode 22 with English subtitles

these are things to be discussed in the family council. get out here, no, don't do it. why did you come? when the medina brothers came, I came too. the dog that came with ace peed on the mosque wall. okay calm down. Kirli Sepeti Turkish Drama with English subtitles don't you know your sister at all? don't you know she wouldn't do such a thing? don't do it, give me the gun, let's talk like men. what am I going to talk to you about? this girl's honor is not in anyone's mouth. because she is my daughter, my family. where is your family? let me tell you what you understand. I took this girl to my son.

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