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Palms on Love (2024) English subtitles

Palms on Love with English subtitles

Palms on Love English subtitles Marshal Xue Dong Feng returns from the front line to attend the funeral of his father, Governor Xue, and take over as warlord. However, Palms on Love with English subtitles he discovers that his fiancée Ji Lian Yun married his father as his concubine five days prior! Xue Dong Feng, believing that the girl he loved betrayed him, Palms on Love Chinese Drama with English subtitles was extremely cruel and humiliating to her...and yet he always came to her rescue whenever there was a crisis. While battling his love and hatred for her, Palms on Love Episode 1 with English subtitles he also suffered jealousy as he watched Ji Lian Yun and his sworn brother Xue Zhi Hai get closer and closer.

Palms on Love [Chinese Drama] with English subtitles

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