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Physical: 100 in Hindi Dubbed (season 1-2)

Physical: 100 Season 1 Hindi Dubbed

Physical: 100 Season 1 in Hindi Dubbed One hundred contestants in top physical shape compete in a series of grueling challenges to claim the honor and cash reward as the last one standing, Moving closer to the finals, the resolute contestants remaining exert their utmost efforts to secure a place in the top five, It's everyone for themselves during the trial to follow, as the contestants compete to survive and come out on top, Physical: 100 Season 1 in Urdu Dubbed Teams engage in a multistep challenge to test strategy, synergy and strength; those who survive the intense game are met with a surprise, After the winners celebrate and bond over their shared athleticism, they're split into groups for the next round, The fight to stay in the competition continues as contestants find ways of defying their own physical limitations to beat opponents.

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Physical: 100 Season 2 Hindi Dubbed

Physical: 100 Season 2 Hindi dubbed With a brand-new theme, Physical: 100 season 2 is bringing the competition into a whole different arena. While Physical: 100 season 1 looked to simply identify the most athletic person in the group, the second season is building the competition surrounding the dark, rough world of the underground, One hundred men and Physical: 100 Season 2 in Urdu Dubbed women enter the room and immediately scope out their competition; the pre-quest mission focusing on speed and endurance begins. The contestants are ranked; the top contenders pick their opponents for the first quest, which unfolds across three arenas.

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