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Ruzgarli Tepe Episode 49 English subtitles

Ruzgarli Tepe Episode 49

Ruzgarli Tepe Episode 49

Ruzgarli Tepe Episode 49 with English subtitles i asked you, what is he doing here? i don't know. this is yours, isn't it? I know very well why a woman leaves her stuff in a man's room. what are you trying to say? whatever Ruzgarli Tepe Turkish Drama with English subtitles you understand, you are the devil. yes this bandana is mine. but i don't know why it's here. don't lie. i know your only concern is to get this mansion back. that's why you brought orhan first, but you wouldn't. Ruzgarli Tepe Episode 49 now you're trying to set up halil. what. are you aware of what you're saying? no one, but no one can insult me like that. i won't let that happen. don't show me. you can only fool halil with these games but that's it. from now on, you won't be around my nephew. there's no such thing as wandering in the gardens.

Ruzgarli Tepe [Turkish Drama] Episode 49 with English subtitles

do you understand me? you're officially slandering me and your nephew right now. is it not my nephew's fault? everything comes out of your head. you end up at the bottom of every whisper. don't exaggerate. you can't talk to me like that. i see you last night. you were eating alone in the kitchen .is this you only support? i can't eat? who are you to eat alone with my nephew? i am his employee. you can't be anything to my nephew. what do you think of yourself? who are you. first, i am the servant of this house. now, if you'll excuse me, I'll do my job. second, this is the most important. even if two worlds come together, even if the apocalypse breaks, nothing can happen between me and halil Firat. don't forget these words. because if you forget, i'll make you eat htese words.

  1. Link For Episode 1-49 [CLICK HERE]

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