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Sandik Kokusu English subtitles

Updated: Mar 13

Sandik Kokusu Turkish drama

Sandik Kokusu with English subtitles

Sandik Kokusu English subtitles Karsu, trapped in an unhappy and abusive marriage with her husband Reha, struggles as a mother. Overwhelmed after the Sandik Kokusu with English subtitles birth of their third child, she sends her three-year-old son, Kuzey, to Istanbul to stay with her mother, Filiz. Tragically, Kuzey goes missing during the journey. Sandik Kokusu Turkish Drama with English subtitles Three years later, Karsu unexpectedly finds Kuzey, now known as Deniz, in Mersin. However, he does not recognize her.

Sandik Kokusu [Turkish Drama] with English subtitles

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