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Teskilat Episode 101 with Urdu subtitles

Teskilat Episode 101 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 101 with English subtitles Omer is now after those who fled. that's why we joined the air. you're right, we can't wait. Now we're going to cross the border with our own means, Don't worry about that, uncle. Teskilat Episode 101 with English subtitles we keep doing that, right? what's wrong with you? pull yourself together. Everyone needs you right now. the team needs you. let's pass on the information we got from kokut and Pleven to Ms. nesteren. Teskilat Episode 101 Turkish Drama with English subtitles You're right, if he's not there, he's alive. and if he alive, the possibilities are always with us Kokut went to the explosion area. any other details? They think he might be alive. Korkut and Pelevan won't leave this job without finding Omer I hop they Teskilat Episode 102 with English subtitles come back with good news. I'll do everything I can to get the mission back. You'll see.

Teskilat Turkish Drama Episode 101 with Urdu subtitles

If I don't smash you head like a mountain, if they don't call me kangur, I won't be able to show my face. Let them know my location. we found the car, It's south of the road to bozrabel. copy that. we're on our way. Listen to me, Tell them I want that bastard alive. do you understan, Nod dead. alive. No one will touch his head until I get there. Don't let them try to kill. we're on our way. don't get too close, he might be far away. Let's search. He wants bastard alive.

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