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Yan Oda Episode 1 with English Subtitles

Yan Oda Episode 1 with English subtitles

Yan Oda Episode 1 English subtitles

Yan Oda English subtitles You Look beautiful, honey. let's get started. I still can't believe it, I mean, what we're doing is pretty crazy. would be good if you took this, ma'am. because now you are my wife and an aunt.Yan Oda Episode 1 with English subtitles you are my aunt. now we're moving on to the next step. telling our people, what's up, son, at this hour? now listen to me carefully. I have very important news for you. what happened? did you find a job? Yan Oda Turkish Drama Episode 1 with English subtitles respected aunts. what's up? yes, brother. now that you're in Thailand, can you tell me what you're going to say? you're right, I can't leave you more curious. I am married.

Yan Oda [Turkish Drama] Episode 1 with English subtitles

what do you mean you're married? it's a joke, isn't it? my daughter, do you hear what you're saying? is there such a marriage? no mother is getting married, with whom did you get married? with Mr. ferret ala we know? so we're going to fall into the language of the whole world, aren't we? why should we fall into your language? I say I'm married. it's a nice thing. my daughter, is there such a marriage like kidnapping goods from the fire? if I had told you before, we all know that would happen? you were going to meet a thousand servants. you were going to find and confront them. you thought I would do you ordered and bring everything to an end, moreover, you made a mistake with such a woman.

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